On 4th July 2019 the ninth edition of the Alpeuregio Summer School, a learning course organized by the Representation of the European Region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino, ended. Every year, a group of students and graduates from the three alpine regions gets the chance to participate in this program

The training course consisted of frontal teaching, interactive lessons and visits to European institutions and international organisations, covering all areas from the environment to defence, migration, data protection and food security. It also provided an opportunity for in-depth analysis and reflection on key EU policies and on issues of particular importance such as migration processes, circular economy and cohesion policy after 2020.

Participants took the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with high-level speakers such as Lorenzo Biondi, speechwriter of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini; Nicola De Michelis, Director of DG Regio; Marlene Holzner, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger; David Müller, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Hahn; Wolfgang Burtscher, Deputy Director General of DG Research; and Marco Valletta, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Andriukaitis. Markus Warasin, Member of the Cabinet of the President of the European Parliament, Mr Tajani, presented the results of the European Parliament elections. H.E. the Croatian Ambassador to the EU, Mato Škrabalo, and H.E. the Austrian Ambassador to the EU, Nikolaus Marschik, both gave brilliant lectures on their work as representatives in the Council.

The programme of the initiative also included territorial cooperation issues relevant to the Euroregion Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino, including EUSALP - the European Union Strategy for the Alpine Space and EGTC Euregio - European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation.

Furthermore, the Alpeuregio Café on EU Life Experience gave the participants the opportunity to have an insight on careers within and around the European Institutions: young people from different professional backgrounds, already living and working in Brussels, shared their own personal experiences and gave professional advice on job opportunities in Brussels.

The participants said that this training course represents an occasion to strengthen the link between the territories and the European context and to grasp at the same time the opportunities that this offers to young people.





Speakers' Presentations

Francesco Albore - OLAF (European Commission Anti-Fraud Office)

Berthold Berger - The role of the Council and the European Council in decision making

Lorenzo Biondi - EU Foreign Policy

Meadhbh Bolger - Circular Economy Package - State of Play

Wolfgang Burtscher - EU Research and Innovation

Filomena Silva Carvalho - The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)

Mirjam Dondi - The Role of the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU

Matthias Fink - Europaregion Tirol - Südtirol - Trentino

Axel Jandesek - A Europe that protects

Koen Hendrix - Career opportunities with the European Institutions

Matúš Minárik - OLAF (European Commission Anti-Fraud Office)

Sofiane Ouaret - IOM - The UN Migration Agency

Michael Schütz - The Energy Union

Mirco Tomasi - The EU in the G-Groups (G7/G20)

Andrea Vettori - EU Environment Policy

Markus Warasin - An inside view of the EP in the context of the EE19 results

Martin Zeitler - EU Transport policy, CEF and TEN-T