In the afternoon of 11 May 2017, upon the invitation of the Association of local and regional authorities for lifelong learning – EARLALL, the EU Liaison Office in Brussels of the Autonomous Province of Trento participated in the initiative’s launch seminar "Practice into Policy: # PiPEnt Entrepreneurial Learning".

This Initiative is carried out with the participation of the Commission by different associations and European thematic networks, including EARLALL, of which the Province is a member. The seminar marked the start of a long-term process aimed at collecting and presenting good European practices in the field of entrepreneurship education. This will encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience, support policy makers in the definition of local, regional and national programmes and initiatives in this area in order to improve their quality and impact, and widen as much as possible the knowledge and use of EntreComp, the new European framework for entrepreneurship skills developed by the European Commission.

The seminar brought together practitioners and policy-makers from several EU Member States. The organisers’ objective was to demonstrate the added value and the impact of many initiatives carried out with the support of various EU funding programmes on entrepreneurship education. Besides the presentation of eight European projects selected by the organisers, during the event were discussed and explored the future main lines of action of the Commission on the subject of entrepreneurship education, and has developed a lively exchange of ideas and views of researchers and experts from the sector on the need for a unitary but flexible policy framework.

The EU Liaison Office in Brussels of the Province, through the invitation of EARLALL, contributed actively in the event. During the seminar, a specific time was dedicated to the presentation of best practices at regional level. Therefore, the Office had the opportunity to present some of the ongoing and future initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship education carried out in Trentino by the Province through the European Social Fund, by HIT and its members, and by the Federazione Trentina della cooperazione.

The agenda of the seminar (in English) can be found here.

The presentation of good practices in Trentino is available here.

The case study on HIT realised by EARLALL can be downloaded here (in English).

The description of the European projects selected for the seminar can be found here (in English).

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