Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT) has been awarded a project under the 2016 Program for information and events of the European Parliament. The project is entitled "The Parliament of Rights" and intends to promote and to improve the information on the role and the activities of the European Parliament, in the promoting and defending democratic values and fundamental rights.

"The Parliament of Rights" addresses different target groups, using a variety of communication methods and channels, with the purpose of increasing and improving Citizens understanding of the role of the European Parliament as a promoter and defender of democratic values and fundamental rights in the Italian public sphere.

The project foresees the realization of several awareness raising andd dissemination activities, taking place between October 2016 and June 2017, on issues such as migration, non-discrimination, freedom of expression, multicultural Europe:

Citizens' Dialogues, public debates in five Italian cities, that forsees the participation of a Member of the European Parliament and a local stakeholder. Paralel panel debates with the participation of a Member of the European Parliament will take place in high schools in the same cities as well;
university seminars;
• production of a set of teaching materials, made available for download on the website www.balcanicaucaso.org;
• a Price for the best undergraduate thesis on the European Parliament;
"Equal Rights For All" seminars addressing associations, teachears, schools and local authorities on diversity policy and global citizenship in the European Union;
• an information campaign on different media and channels.

Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa, founded in 2000 in Rovereto, is a think tank that deals with social, political and cultural matters of the six EU Member States situated on the south-east of Europe, of the countries involved in the process of European enlargement (Turkey and the Western Balkans) and a large part of the countries of post-Soviet Europe, involved in the European Neighbourhood policy.

OBCT promotes a bottom-up approach for the construction of transnational relationships in Europe. It also elaborates initiatives directed to increase awareness of the public opinion on relevant issues for the today’s European politics, with a multi-sectoral approach, that waves journalism, research and training to promote the dissemination of information and scientific data.

Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso
Project sheet ""The Parliament of Rights"

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