According to a survey published by the European Commission on the European Data Portal, the open data catalogue of the autonomous Province of Trento ( is the one with the highest quality at European level. In particular, Trentino portal has the best score with regard to data accessibility (together with London open data portal) and for the amount of machine-readable datasets. This is the result of the strong commitment of Trentino administration to value public data from socio-economic perspective. Currently, the Province of Trento is collaborating with the European Commission on data and metadata semantics, in order to increase data interoperability among different administrative levels and across borders. This initiative is one of the follow-up of a training path on European policies and initiatives organized by the EU Liaison Office of the Province of Trento that involved several departments allowing them to raise their awarness on European policies and initiatives and to get in touch with the officials in charge for them.


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Public data have a great economic value and a strong potential to foster innovation and grow: open public data to external stakeholders offers new opportunity for the local communities; they can be creatively used to create new solutions and services to common problems, which often public administrations cannot sustain. Therefore, open data are an essential instrument both to improve services to citizens and to foster local economic development.

Trentino open data catalogue offers full access to many datasets and encourage their reuse, minimizing legal and technological barriers. It collects datasets from the autonomous Province of Trento, its agencies and in-house companies and any other stakeholder interested in opening its data.


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