The European Commission opened a public consultation, revolt to all the citizen and in particular for researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and to all types of organizations that have a specific interest to partecipate in the Programm Horizon 2020.

The consultation has two scopes: fist of all the it will collect opinions and contributes by stakeholders in the framework of an interim evalutation of the programm for reserach and innovation Horizon 2020, in order to improve the operation of the programm in the end period of its implementation 2018-2020.

Secondly the contibutes will be considered by the Commission in the definition of the new Programm for research and innovation for the European Union, that will replace the actual one in the period of programmation after 2020.

The public consultation call to the compilation of a moultiple choise questionnaire, divided in six thematical area. It will be possible also to attach a document with specific commment in order to explain the answers given to the questionnaire. The public consultation will be opened until the 15 january 2017 ad the results will be published at midi-2017.

The form to partecipate at the public consultation is available online, on the website of DG RTD of the Commission.

At the same time the European Commission launched a specific public consultation about the nuclear energy programm EURATOM, and in the meantime is opened a public consultation of the European Institution of Innovation and Technology (EIT) until the 20 november 2016 .

More information about the evaluation of the Programm Horizon 2020 are available here.

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