On 30th of June at the Multiple Region House in Bruxelles took place the event “International conference on dual education”. The conference was aimed at comparing the best practices developed by different actors and local authorities and offering an overview of the initiatives taken by the European Commission in this field.

During the morning was presented the “New Skills Agenda for Europe” (adopted on June 10th) which gathers 10 proposals in the field of education and development of personal skills and defines an action plan for their implementation in practice (for further information see the Annex I).
Among the themes of the Agenda there is the strengthening of vocational training and also the establishment of the “Week of vocational training” that will start from December 5th 2016.

More than one speaker expressed the necessity to raise funds aimed at financing mobility programs for students enrolled in vocational schools between Member States.

In general it was possible to find a common agreement on the potentialities of vocational training, perceived as a valuable tool to boost the economy of the Member States and of the European Union.


Presentation of Emilia Romagna Region

Presentation of the Craftmanship Association of Frankfurt-Rhein-Main Region

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