On 13th of July the European Commission presented the proposal of Regulation that completes the reform of the Common European Asylum System.

Migration and asylum system in one of the ten political priorities on which is focused the work of the Juncker Commission. The proposed Regulation follows-up what has been already proposed in the European Agenda on Migration.
The declared objective is to build a solid, coherent and integrated European asylum system based on common, harmonised rules fully in line with the international protection standard under the Geneva Convention and with other fundamental rights instruments. The rules are set-up to function effectively both in times of normal and in times of high migratory pressure.
The Commission is proposing to replace the Directives currently applicable with a Regulation in order to reduce differences in recognition rates among Member States and to ensure common effective procedural guarantees for asylum seekers.

On the theme of procedures the proposal will:
- Simplify, clarify and shorten asylum procedures;
- Ensure common guarantees for asylum seekers;
- Ensure stricter rules to combat abuse;
- Harmonise rules on “safe countries”.

In order to harmonise protection standard and rights, the proposal will ensure:
- Greater convergence of recognition rates and form of protection;
- Firmer rules sanctioning secondary movements;
- Protection is granted only for as long as it is needed;
- Strengthened integration incentives.

Finally, by mean of this proposal the Commission seeks to ensure that asylum seekers can benefit from harmonised and dignified reception standards throughout the European Union. The reform aims at:
- Ensuring Member States apply the standards and indicators on reception conditions developed by the European Asylum Support Office and draw up and constantly update contingency plans;
- Ensuring asylum seekers remain available and discouraging them from absconding;
- Clarifying that reception conditions will only be provided in the Member State responsible;
- Granting earlier access to the labour market;
- Common reinforced guarantees for asylum seekers with special needs.

The proposal of Regulation to reform the Common European Asylum System

European Agenda on Migration

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