The third meeting of the informal group Friends of Eusalp took place at the Representation of the Euroregio Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino on 21st June 2016. The focus was on the Juncker Plan and the EFSI investment platforms as tools to foster the growth within the Alpine Region.

Herbert Dorfmann, MEP, opened the panel highlighting the importance of cross-border cooperation among Alpine macroregional strategy regions in order to enhance the cultural, natural and economic environment in the Alpine territories, which are characterized by the high presence of SMEs and the great relevance of the tourist, agricultural and manufacturing sector.

According to Andrea Mairate, European Commission, DG Regio, the Eusalp Strategy is a framework to foster not only cross-regional cooperation, but also joint investments in key sectors, such as transports, energy and ICT. 

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Nikos Pantalos, European Commission, DG Grow, considers the Eusalp Strategy as a suitable framework to set up investment platforms, which can provide enterprises with easier access to funding and support the implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Eventually, Luciana Tomozei, EIB, presented two French case studies:

1. The Investments fund for Calais region in order to foster energy efficiency and low carbon strategies within the SMEs
2. Technical and financial assistant to 40.000 landlords in order to renovate their buildings (in Paris and Île-de-France). 

Below you can find the speakers presentations:

Combining ESI Funds and EFSI, Implications for the Alpine region strategy - Andrea Mairate, DG REGIO

Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment Platforms under EFSI - Nikos Pantalos, DG GROW

 Delivering EFSI - selected case studies - Luciana Tomozei, EIB


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