The reform of the Italian Development Cooperation (law n. 125/2014) was presented today in Brussels. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mario Giro, the Director General for Development Cooperation Giampaolo Cantini, the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Laura Frigenti and CDP Head of Business Development Bernardo Bini Smaghi joined the event.

According to the refom the resources for investments in the cooperation’s field will increase (240 millions in 2017) and it will be set up a new institutional architecture, including a new autonomous Development Bank (Cassa depositi e prestiti) and an Agency for Cooperation (AIC). The role of civil society and private sector will be also enhanced. In the normative process all different levels of government will play a key-role through the National Council for Cooperation. The Province of Trento, through the Department for Development Cooperation, is part of this Council.

The Development Cooperation system in Italy will remain based on grants, but the use of loans and blending facilities will be greatly enhanced. Nowadays the investments amount to 350 million of euros for 1000 on-going projects and the trend is growing: if in 2010 the investments in cooperation did not exceed the 0,15% of the GDP, by 2018 they will represent its 0,28%.

In this perspective, Cassa Depositi and Prestiti, defined by Deputy Minister Giro “the financial arm of Development Cooperation in Italy”, is one of the most important innovations of the reform. The Bank will start to operate the blending facilities starting from 1 July, 2016.


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The focus of Italian Development Cooperation for the next two years is based on the following 4 thematic priorities:

1. migration, in line with the Migration Compact proposed by Italy to the EU;
2. promotion of cultural heritage;
3. increase of the beneficiaries from 20 to 27 countries (extending the area to Sub-Saharan and Mediterranean Africa);
4. more interactions with the private sector.

Considering this last point, Director Frigenti of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation underlined the need for a new coherent organizational framework to foster meeting and collaboration between NGOs and entrepreneurs, in order to create in the partner Countries new and long-lasting perspectives of job, development and growth.

The full report of the event will be uploaded soon.



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