On Tuesday, 10 May 2016, the European Parliament approved by 553 votes to 63 with 49 abstentions the non-binding resolution for a clear and common definition of “mountainous regions”. It is the first step in order to realize a real agenda for the development of the mountainous regions, which represent 30% of EU's territory.

MEPs call on the EU Commission to table a working definition of “mountainous regions”:
1. for cohesion policy purposes,
2. considering elements such as altitude, accessibility and slope,
3. covering also volcanic regions in islands, as well as areas that, while not mountainous, are largely integrated with mountains areas.

The agenda should provide the mountainous regions with additional support to overcome common challenges, such us climate change, promoting economic development and SMEs, providing year-round jobs rather than just seasonal ones, preventing and managing natural disasters and protecting the environment.

Through the non-binding resolution of 10 May the Parliament invites the Commission to present a communication containing this Agenda and, subsequently, a White Paper on the development of mountainous regions, based on best practices and involving local, regional and national authorities, and all other relevant actors.

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