The European Commission has launched today a call for expression of interest for the creation of strategic cluster partnership for smart specialisation investments, in order to strengthen industry participation and the European dimension in the implementation of national and regional smart specialisation strategies.

The specific objective is this call for expression of interest is to put a partnering process in place for strategic inter-regional collaboration, through which notably SMEs, together other innovation actors in clusters, can be supported in finding partners with complementary competences, accessing value chains that cut across national, regional and sectoral boundaries as well as facilitate their access to technology centres, including KETs infrastructures and digital innovation hubs. The Partnerships shall have the ultimate objective to prepare and present joint business cooperation projects for co-investments in innovation through common concrete activities, such as:

  • strategy-setting and road mapping,
  • virtual and physical matchmaking activities among partners and their SMEs,
  • demonstration and pilot projects,
  • shaping business concepts into viable and bankable proposals for investments.

This call for the expression of interest is addressed to cluster organisations, other business network organisations, technology centres and science parks from EU Member States or countries participating in the COSME programme, interested in teaming up around similar or related industrial thematic areas. The focus of this call is to encourage the partnering process in the context of industrial modernisation, such as in relation to Key Enabling Technologies, ICT, service innovation and resource efficiency. This includes advanced manufacturing, digital transformation/industry 4.0, digital platforms, big data analytics, space data services, advanced material and disruptive business models and service concepts including in creative industries, textiles and tourism.

Click here to access the fill text of the call for expression of interest

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