On 3 May 2016 negotiators of the European Parliament, Commission and Council agreed on the text of the forthcoming Directive to enhance the use and facilitate access to the websites and apps of public sector bodies for the blind, the deaf and the hard of hearing.

Nowadays, Internet has become an essential way to provide information and services. It is therefore necessary that each person, including the 80 million of European citizens facing disability, can access the websites and interact with them properly, in order to benefit from the Digital Single Market. The need for a common regulation comes also from the aging of the European citizens.  The number of people affected by hearing or visual disturbs is expected to increase to 120 million by 2020.

The agreed text among Parliament, Commission and Council establishes the common standards for the websites and the mobile apps of many national, regional and local public bodies and institutions, such as administrations, courts, police departments, libraries and universities. The member States will be in charge to report yearly to the Commissions the progresses in the implementation and modernization of these systems, in order to reduce the social exclusion of people with disabilities.

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