The European Union is one of the main world leaders in the field of research and innovation. However, if Europe holds a prominent position in the research’s field, it is less advanced than other Countries with regard to innovation.

In particular, the EU lags behind in promoting and scaling the most innovative ideas. Every year the same number of start-ups are created in both the United States and Europe, but in the second country they hardly-ever become world-beating businesses carrying on disrupting innovation.

To overcome this challenge the Commissioner for research, science and innovation Carlos Moedas  launched in the last autunm the idea of an European Innovation Council, which should promote the creation of a better environment for innovation in Europe. The intention of the Commission is to create a new entity, along the lines of the European Research Council (ERC). While the ERC deals with policies and financing for basic research, the EIC should do the same in the field of applied research and innovation. The proposal aims to maintain and enhance the international role of the EU in the field of research and innovation.

Friday 29 April was the last day to join the public consultation launched by the European Commission in order to get the opinion of the stakeholders about the structure and tasks that the EIC should have. An analysis of the responses will be published by June 2016 and it will be used by the Commission as a starting point for the draft that will be presented and discussed with the member States and the EU Parliament.

The Bruno Kessler Foundation participated in the consultation with its position paper, that you can download here.

Position paper - FBK

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