The European Commissioner for Regional and Urban Policy, Corinna Cretu, announced the publication of the results of the public consultation on obstacles and disadvantages lived and perceived in the border regions of the 28 EU member States (Overcoming obstacles in border regions. Summary report on the online public consultation).

The results of the online consultation were examined and analyzed in a report that is part of the wider Cross Border Review initiative, a research activity promoted by the Commission in order to celebrate 25 years since the launch of the forst Interreg programmes for territorial cooperation.

The Cross Border Review also includes an expert study to draw up an inventory of border obstacles, case studies to illustrate them and a series of stakeholders' workshops on the same topic. It contributes to define the Commission’s strategies and actions in order to overcome the identified obstacles and will be finalized in early 2017.

The online consultation, launched in September 2015 and closed at the end of the year, involved 623 citizens, organizations, enterprises and local or regional border authorities.

The survey’s results highlight five main thematic areas of disadvantage:

1. legal and administrative barriers (lack of recognition of qualifications, differences in social security, pension and taxation systems),
2. language barriers,
3. difficult physical access (lack of infrastructures and of integrated public transport systems),
4. lack of cooperation between public authorities on cross-border issues, and
5. economic disparities (differences in the labour market and wages, creating asymmetric flows).

Summary report on the public onsultation "Overcoming obstacles in border regions"

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