The Brussels EU liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento organized together with the University of Trento a second study visit to explore several cooperation opportunities at EU level.

The study visit took place on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April 2016 and involved 7 representatives of the University. Moreover, the delegation also met two MEPs, Mr. Dorfmann and Mr. Borrelli, the Italian representative in the working group on the Horizon 2020 Programme. Within the initiative several meetings with representatives of the Commission and the European Parliament were organized.

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In particular, the visit was aimed at raising University's representatives on EU decision making in order allow them to contribute shaping European policies (through sectoral analysis and specialistic studies) and EU research and innovation priorities. Therefore, the meetings focused on:

  • participation in the expert groups of the European Commission;
  • studies and analysis within the framework contracts of the European Parliament;
  • coming EU initiatives to foster innovation in Europe;
  • definition of EU research and innovation priorities within Horizon 2020 committees;
  • drafting and presentation of pilot projects of the European Parliament.


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