The Commission launched today a public consultation to gather the views of entrepreneurs, start-ups and other stakeholders, on how to improve the environment for start-ups in the EU.

The consultation also launches the ''Start-Up Initiative” announced in the Single Market strategy, which aims to create favourable conditions for start-up entrepreneurs and to support the expansion of their businesses in the EU market. The consultation aims to help identifying possible solutions and, if necessary, defining new policies at EU and the Member States level that help to create an healthy entrepreneurial environment allowing businesses to grow.

The questionnaire contains a series of questions that cover the entire life cycle of start-up (stand-up, start-up and scale-up) and is addresses Member State authorities at all levels, business organizations, potential entrepreneurs and individual companies, universities and research centres as well as individual citizens.

The consultation will stay open until 30 June 2016.

Public consultation on the "Start-Up Initiative"

Single Market Strategy

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