Ensuring coordination, synergy and complementarities among the EU funds is crucial to create jobs and growth in Europe. To this end, the European Commission, in partnership with the European Investment Bank, published a guidance document in order to help local authorities and project developers make full use of the opportunities arising from the combination of the European structural and investment funds (ESI funds) and the European fund for strategic investments (EFSI).

The funds can be combined in a number of ways: combining ESI funds with the EFSI at project level channeling both contributions directly to an individual operation, combining them at financial instrument level supporting projects indirectly, or combining them into an investment platform with a geographic (national or regional) or a thematic scope, thus allowing support to multiple projects also of smaller size.

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), is the core of the Investment Plan for Europe (the so called Juncker Plan). The fund intends to overcome the investment gap in the EU by mobilizing private financing and boosting investments. In particular, it supports strategic investments in key sectors such as transport, energy, education, culture, health, research, development and innovation, support to SMEs and Mid-Caps.

The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) are delivered instead through multiannual programmes co-financed at national level, approved by the Commission and implemented by Member States and their regions under shared management.

The guidelines are not yet a complete and exhaustive document since EFSI and financial instruments are of a recent creation, and funding of projects started only few months ago. Nevertheless, the guidelines are an important information tool for both local governments and Managing authorities who are called to support and relaunch strategic investments at territorial level.

Download the Guidelines here.

Project promoters can get help in shaping and advertising their projects through:

- the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH), the new gateway to technical and administrative investment advice and support;

- the European Investment Projects Portal (EIPP), a new web portal hosted by the European Commission that enables project promoters to have access to a network of investors worldwide and consulting services.

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