The EU legal framework and policies evolve day after day and increasingly affect all the main activities administrated by the local authorities as well as citizen lives.

Monitoring the EU institutions’ initiatives is fundamental in order to fully embrace the opportunities offered by the EU in terms of funding (grants and loans), evaluate the possible impact of such policies at local level and actively participate in decision-making processes.

In this context, it has been launched a training course on EU policies, decision-making processes and funding programmes in Brussels. The beneficiaries would be the officers of the Autonomous Province of Trento in charge of European affairs.

The training course, promoted by the EU liaison office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, represents a great opportunity to deepen the understanding of the functioning of the EU Institutions, decision-making processes, EU policies, funding programmes under direct management, and it will be done through work sessions and targeted meetings with European officials as well as through opportunities of discussion with several European stakeholders.


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The training consists of three phases:

  1. during the preparatory phase the officer has the opportunity to identify and select, thanks also to the support and the exchange of views with the colleagues of the Brussels Office, the issues worth it to be addressed during the training course. Those issues are linked to the work priorities of the department of origin;
  2. during the study week in Brussels the officer has the opportunity to both deepen the EU architecture and the decision-making process through frontal training sessions and to discuss those policies and actions of specific interest with privileged partners of the Commission, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions and the European Investment Bank European;
  3. during the follow up phase the official is asked to assess the learning experience and the acquired knowledge. Moreover, she/he is committed, once back, to sharing information and contacts with colleagues of the department and to instituting a procedure for the exchange of information and cooperation with the Office of Brussels.

The programme, launched in the third quarter of 2015, will continue until the end of 2016 on a monthly basis so as to allow all departments of the Province of Trento to take advantage of this exchange and thorough examination opportunity.

The training courses are organized in the framework of EU TIPS, the collaborative platform between the autonomous Province of Trento and relevant stakeholders of its territory to foster broader participation of Trentino to European initiatives.


19 - 23 October 2015: Department Land, Agriculture, Environment and Forest

9 -13 November 2015: Department Civil Protection

11 - 15 January 2016: General Direction

22 - 26 February 2016: Department Organisation, Personnel, General Affairs 

14 - 18 March 2016: Department of Knowledge

25 - 29 April 2016: Department Economic Development and Employment

23 - 27 May 2016: Department Health and Social Solidarity

27 June - 1 July 2016: General Direction

17 - 21 October 2016: Department of Knowledge

07 - 11 Novermber 2016: Department Institutional and Legislative Affairs and Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento



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