The European Parliament has voted in favor of the establishment of regional managing authorities responsible for the design, management and implementation of rural development interventions. For the Coalition of European AGRIREGIONS, in which also a representative of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol is present, this vote represents a big step forward that and puts regions and rural areas back at the heart of the CAP.


Transitions to ecological, social and economic sustainability can only happen through a place-based and bottom up approach that is adapted to the realities on the ground. This vote recognises the fundamental role played by European regions in adapting CAP measures to local needs and in promoting the transition towards a more sustainable European agriculture.

The Coalition of European AGRIREGIONS now calls for the Council and the European Commission to fully endorse the position of the European Parliament. In a context of intensified global competition and growing territorial inequalities, the future CAP must maintain a direct link with European regions and rural areas. The regions give European policies a human face and are approachable for farmers, entrepreneurs and inhabitants of rural areas.

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