On Wednesday 29 January, the European Commission adopted its Work Programme for the current year. In the programme, the Commission has set out what it intends to do in 2020 to translate the political guidelines announced last December into concrete actions, in order to contribute 'to “building a Union that strives for more ' as stated by President von der Leyen.

The programme foresees actions in six thematic areas:

1. a European Green Deal: with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2050, a European climate legislation will be proposed and the participation of actors at various levels will be required
2. a Europe fit for the digital age: the Commission intends to exploit the potential of digital data and disseminate artificial intelligence in the respect of European values and fundamental rights
3. an economy that works for people: the Commission aims to achieve an economy in which social equity, sustainability and economic growth are combined
4. a stronger Europe in the world: the Commission will prepare new cooperation strategies with Africa and the Western Balkans and will call for the start of negotiations for the accession of North Macedonia and Albania
5. promoting our European way of life: the Commission will present a new pact on migration and asylum, will provide security support and will sustain the protection of the health of European citizens
6. a new push for European democracy: together with other EU institutions and partners, the Commission will launch a Conference on the future of Europe to better define, with citizens' input, the Union's future actions.

The programme, as usual, consists of a Communication from the European Commission and a series of annexes listing among others, the new acts that the Commission intends to adopt this year and those priority acts adopted in the previous years but whose approval process has not yet been completed.


Commission Communication “Commission Work Programme 2020 - A Union that strives for more”
Annex I: New initiatives
Annex III: Priority pending proposals

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