On September 30th, the EU Liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento hosted the Open Workshop on “Modelling the EU Economy as an ecosystem of contracts”.

Trakti, the award-winning Italian-English startup that offers a unified end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform integrated in the blockchain, allowing contract notarization and self-execution through smart contract technology, won a project with the European Commission to analyze how to apply contracts as a tool for modeling and monitoring the state European economy.

The study aims to understand how the use of innovative contracts can provide more informative insights and tools for analyzing the European economy and therefore favor the modelling, test and definition of better policies to support the single European market.

Luigi Telesca, founder and CEO of Trakti and Exrade, along with James Hazard founder of CommonAccord, presented the preliminary results of the study and will launch a new initiative called Open Trust Fabric aimed at providing an open source and collaborative tool for the standardization of contractual models.

Economists, lawyers, accounting experts and contract sector experts from the European Central Bank, the European Commission, IACCM - The Global Contract Management Association, ARIS, SwissRe, Airbus, Microsoft, Orange, Studio Stefano Federico, Order of Accountants of Rome and many other organizations participated in the event.


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