On September 16th, the Artisans Association of Trento hosted the “Alpeuregio Summer School 2019” final meeting. Ten young participants received a check covering the fee of the project by President Segatta and the two vice-Presidents Nicola Svaizer and Stefano Debortoli.

Both the director of the Association Nicola Berardi and the director of the Division for European Affairs of the Autonomous Province of Trento Michele Michelini participated in the event. Mr. Michelini expressed his satisfaction with the precious contribution of the association.

The project, which is jointly promoted by the Autonomous Province ofTrento, the Autonomous Province of Bozen and the Land Tyrol, provided the students with the possibility to enjoy an educational experience in the heart of the European Institutions, by deepening their knowledge of the functioning and the priorities of the EU.



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