On May 16th 2019, the LIFE awards were presented at the European Green Week in Brussels.

Among the 15 finalists, within those selected for the Nature category, there were also LIFE+ TEN and LIFE WOLFALPS.

The first, LIFE+ TEN (Trentino Ecological Network), is a project that was developed from 2012 to 2017 in order to achieve a better management and long-term restoration of the Natura 2000 Network under the responsibility of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The approach was based on a "multi-purpose" ecological network articulated in the Reti di Riserve, provided for by Law 11/2007 to increase the biodiversity of Trentino through a decentralised management that actively involves the local communities.

LIFE WOLFALPS, the second Trentino project selected, focused instead on the coexistence between man and wolf because of the latter's return to our Alps. The project aimed at building a participatory dialogue, based on scientific information, on a new aspect of Alpine biodiversity.


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LIFE WOLFALPS was the project that won the Nature category of the LIFE Awards 2019.

 Thanks to the involvement of Italian and international partners from all over the Alps, LIFE WOLFALPS has worked on the theme of the coexistence of man-wolf thanks to a wide program for both the general public and specialists, acting as a reference point on issues concerning the wolf in the Alpine area. In its 5 years of activity, LIFE WOLFALPS has developed concrete actions for the conservation of the species, coordinated at the Italian Alpine level, from the prevention of attacks on domestic animals to the fight against illegal killings, from the promotion of the presence of wolves in eco-tourism to the control of hybridization thanks to a strong cooperation between institutions.





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