On January 10th, 2019, a kick-off meeting took place in Barcelona among the participants to the project “AI4EU”, which was officially launched at the beginning of the new year under the Horizon 2020 programme and the strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) of the European Commission.

AI4EU aims to create an European network able to bring together resources and tools on AI matters and put them at the service of social and economic growth within the European Union.

The starting point consists of eight project-pilots covering as many topics (Citizen, Robotics, Industry, Healthcare, Media, Agricolture, IoT, Cybersecurity): the goal is to demonstrate how the open and collaborative platform about AI which will be set up in the course of 2019 could stimulate scientific research and technological innovation in all sectors. Potential users will be able to access to resources, tools and knowledge and will be given support in order to integrate AI solutions in their processes, products and services.

The project, led by the French company Thales, involves 79 partners from 21 different countries, namely SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes, among which alto the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) is present. According to the grant arrangement signe on December 12th, 2018, AI4EU will receive a total funding of €20 millions over the next 3 years: total public and private investments should reach at least €20 billions by the end of 2020.


For further information, visit the official website of AI4EU.



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