On the occasion of the European Day of Languages, the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) have organized an event to celebrate the linguistic and cultural richness of Trentino.

The event took place on 27 September from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm at the premises of the Representation of the European Region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino and included a poetry reading in all the languages of the Province of Trento (Ladin, Mòcheno, Cimbrian and Italian).

While regional languages have historically been discouraged and even suppressed, this initiative is part of a wider process of recognition of minority languages as integral part of the European cultural heritage.

Indeed, currently at least 40 million citizens in the European Union regularly speak a regional and lesser-used language, accounting for more than 60 European regional or lesser-used language communities. In this sense, Trentino can boast a great variety of regional and minority languages and can be considered as a good example of this richness.


EDL 2018 Trento


The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) is a European-wide network working in the field of language policy and planning for Constitutional, Regional and Small-State Languages (CRSS) across Europe. Members of NPLD include both national and regional Governments, Universities, and Associations.

The main objective of the network is raising awareness at the European level on the vital importance of linguistic diversity. NPLD also aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices among governments, policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and experts from all over Europe.

Programme of the event




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