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For those who want more attention and outreach for their project results, there is a new service offered by the European Commission. Ongoing as well as completed projects from Horizon 2020 and the 7th EU Research Framework Programme can now apply for the "Dissemination & Exploitation Booster" (D&E Booster) by submitting an expression of interest. The service is offered for three modules and ranges from cooperation with other projects in the field of dissemination of results to support in writing business plans and developing marketing strategies.

D&E Booster offers 3 types of services

1. Help and guidance for:

  • Creating a results portfolio with other projects

This module provides support for the creation of a portfolio of results for which joint dissemination provides added value. After the creation of the project groups/portfolios, the project will be guided in identifying similar ongoing projects from all other EU, national and regional funding initiatives. This service also includes a comprehensive overview of the relevant stakeholders/target groups for each portfolio.

  • Development and implementation of a common dissemination strategy for a cluster of projects

This module focuses on helping the project group to develop a common dissemination plan for the portfolio and to implement the actual dissemination of the portfolio results.

  • Improvement of the existing dissemination plan

This module provides guidance and training to improve the existing strategy of the project in terms of effective use of the expected exploitable key results.

2. tailor-made support services for the development of a business plan.

3. assistance, coaching and mentoring for Go to Market activities. 

Ongoing or completed FP7/H2020 projects, either as an individual project or as part of a project group, can apply.

A project consortium can use a particular service only once, but it can apply for the three different services as a whole. The timeframe for the introduction of the service is from January 2020 to December 2024.

More information about the service, the application process and the selection criteria can be found here.



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