Each year, the EU Liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento hosts four trainees, who have the responsibility to analyse certain sectoral EU policies and to draft to draft a detailed study under the supervision of the Office staff. This initiative has two goals: on one hand it allows the trainee to immerse himself in and raise his awareness of the European law and the EU decision-making processes; on the other hand, it provides the public administration and the citizens with an agile tool to better understand EU policies and initiatives. Today we publish the report titled "Entrepreneurship education in the European Union", realized by Ms Stefania Chiomento under the supervision of the Office staff.

The issues of entrepreneurship education is becoming increasingly important in political debate not only at European, but also national and local level. In fact, there is a common understanding that, in order to increase the competitiveness of the European economy, it is necessary to enhance the level of entrepreneurial skills among the population. These skills are not just relevant for setting up new businesses. Entrepreneurship education also helps people to develop the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes needed to achieve their goals in every work environment.

Starting with the Europe 2020 Strategy, the report analyzes in the first part the main EU documents and initiatives in support of entrepreneurship education (including social entrepreneurship); in the second section the report highlights the main EU funding opportunities for projects and initiatives in this field; Finally, the last part of the report provides an overview of the past and current initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurial skills realized by several stakeholders in the Province of Trento.

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