Trilogis/Nively and U-hopper, two Trentino-based SMEs were selected for funding by the "EU Innovation Associate" program launched last year by the European Commission. The two companies participated to the call supported by Hub Innovazione Trentino - HIT and in synergy with the EU Liaison Office the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The purpose of the call - published for the first time with these specific goals - was to finance the overcoming of barriers encountered by innovative SMEs and European startups in the recruitment of highly qualified specialists and Ph.D researchers whose knowledge is instrumental for the development of the company's innovative potential.

Following the analysis of the call, HIT identified innovative companies potentially interested in the action, supporting the start of the application procedure for the request of the grant and letting the individual companies develop their full proposal.

Particularly relevant is that the two Trentino companies have been selected and awarded along with other ninety highly innovative businesse from all over Europe: an exceptional result for the innovation ecosystem of our province.

Funding of around € 100,000 per year for each company will be provided for hiring qualified staff to develop innovative products and services according to the business plan of the beneficiary SMEs. The vacancy announcements are available on the websites of the two companies.

Nively, a spin-off of the ICT company Trilogis is based within the Trentino Sviluppo Mecchatronic Center in Rovereto, specializes in environmental tracking systems for people with limited mobility, and will use the awarede grant to recruite and train a product manager who will build and develop relationships with customers interested in a new system for monitoring life condition of elderly (

U-hopper, a high-intensity research and technology startup, will deploy the high-profile scientific resource in the field of big data for the refining of Tapoi (,  a customer intelligence service for the optimization of on-line supply on web portals and mobile applications through the collection of data linked to user experience.

Vacancy announcements are available online:

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