On 22 May 2017, the first European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet) project's meeting, was held at the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino in Brussels. The project is promoted by OBC Transeuropa and Voxeurop with the involvement of an important European network of media oulets and organizations and it aims to support and widen the knowledge and discussion about Europe and its institutions through data-driven journalism.

Stimulate journalists and editors in European Union member states to increase media coverage on European issues by providing them with concrete help - both content and technical support - to acquire the necessary know-how and exploit the potentialities of Data-driven journalism, i.e. based on the analysis of data and in particular of big data and their dissemination - among other things - through infographic and multimedia products. This is the challenge that Observatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa - in collaboration with VoxEurop a multilingual portal, based in France - in the EDJNet project.

Una nuova piattaforma per il data journalism europeo largeThe three-year project - funded by the European Commission - will be implemented by a consortium led by OBC Transeuropa and VoxEurop, in close collaboration with three other media oulets - Alternatives économiques (France), Spiegel Online (Germany), EUObserver (Belgium) - and three press agencies specialized in data journalism - Journalism ++ (France); Local Focus (The Netherlands) and Journalism Robotics (Sweden). Eight more outlets - two specialized in data journalism (BIQdata at Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland and Pod črto in Slovenia) and six more generalists (Askanews and Internazionale in Italy, NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands, El Confidential in Spain, H-Alter in Croatia And Ouest-France in France) - are also part of the network. The network will be open and seek new partners.

EDJNet can rely on broad dissemination capabilities: web users of the network's members reach 69 million visits monthly, 5 million Facebook fans, and 7,5 million followers on Twitter.

"EDJNet is based on a transnational editorial staff involved in the co-production of news, who provides on-demand advise to journalists and encourages the exchange of good practices," said Chiara Sighele, project manager at OBC Transeuropa, "it will also stimulate contents distribution through its copyleft policy. EDJNet's also includes the development of technical tools to increase the capacity of editorial staff to address Europe's topical issues and to foster open-date access to European business coverage. "

"With this innovative project, we continue to make an important contribution to the reflection on European issues and the future of the Union," emphasized Luisa Chiodi, scientific director of OBC Transeuropa. "In this phase, it is important that a territory such as Trentino, whose European vocation comes not only from its present but also from its history, marks the way and shows that the links between local and global, through European institutions is not only possible but is the only path for a future of peace. "

Publishing of content by the EDJNet network will start in October 2017 and will be available on the multilingual portal www.edjnet.eu.

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