The common Representation arises from a strong desire to cooperate between the Land Tirol, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen (South Tirol) and the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the aim to join efforts and act in a coordinated manner at European level. Therefore, the mission of the common Representation is to coordinate efforts to develop synergies in representing, through the dialogue with the European institutions and other stakeholders, the interest of the three regions, as well as that of its population and stakeholders.

The common Representation is also committed to promote and disseminate best practices from its territory and to create opportunity for discussion and debate with other European regions. The Representation coordinate its activities with the Euregio, that is the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation created between the three regions, and with the action priorities of the EU strategy for the Alpine region (EUSALP), contributing to the achievement of its objectives.

The activities of the common Representation include:

  • Information: collecting and disseminating among the administration and the stakeholders of the three regions qualified informations on European policies, European law, EU funding programmes and European initiatives and partnerships;
  • Networking: cooperation and regular dialogue with the European institutions, other Brussels-based regional and national representations, European associations and other stakeholders; participation in working groups of European networks and associations;
  • EU law monitoring: regular monitoring of the evolution of the European law through the opening of dossier on new legislative or non-legislative proposals;
  • Advocacy: actions aimed to influence the European decision-making process in order to ensure that common interests and development priorities of the European region are taken into consideration by the European institutions;
  • Support and assistance: support to the representatives of the the European region in the Committee of the Regions; organisation of technical or institutional meetings between public administrations and stakeholders from the three regions and representatives of the European institutions;
  • Training: organisation of training sessions and study visits to Brussels; organisation of a summer school called 'Alpeuregio summer school' and aimed to provide young people with an improved understanding of the European decision-making and policies; organisation of focused training paths for colleagues from the local public administrations of the three regions;
  • Events: organisation of events, such as conferences, seminars, presentations and vernissages, aimed to promote local best practices, present cultural local identities, discuss specific European topics and policies and disseminate research and innovation projects results.