Flash News: “Science meets Parliaments”, 2019 edition

The initiative “Science meets Parliaments was launched in September 2015 by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission together with European Parliament’s panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA). The goal is to strengthen the role of science in political processes by promoting a regular dialogue between scientists and policy-makers, in order to encourage an evidence-informed decision-making.

This fourth edition will focus its attention on the great challenges of 21th century and in particular on some current topics:
- the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives;
- the need of building resilient societies in a turbulent world;
- the role of values and social relations for what concerns political behaviour and policy-making.

The agenda also includes the launch of the pilot project called “Science meets Parliaments/Science meets Regions”, which aims to encourage a wider involvement by national and regional authorities and to make local political issues come to light.

The event will take place on February 6th-7th, 2019, at the European Parliament in Bruxelles, in Paul Henri Spaak building (PHS).


For further information, please visit the event page.
Here you can find the event agenda.

Registration here – first day (February 6th, 2019).
Registration here – second day (February 7th, 2019).



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Flash News: the new project “AI4EU” on the matter of artificial intelligence has been launched

On January 10th, 2019, a kick-off meeting took place in Barcelona among the participants to the project “AI4EU”, which was officially launched at the beginning of the new year under the Horizon 2020 programme and the strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) of the European Commission.

AI4EU aims to create an European network able to bring together resources and tools on AI matters and put them at the service of social and economic growth within the European Union.

The starting point consists of eight project-pilots covering as many topics (Citizen, Robotics, Industry, Healthcare, Media, Agricolture, IoT, Cybersecurity): the goal is to demonstrate how the open and collaborative platform about AI which will be set up in the course of 2019 could stimulate scientific research and technological innovation in all sectors. Potential users will be able to access to resources, tools and knowledge and will be given support in order to integrate AI solutions in their processes, products and services.

The project, led by the French company Thales, involves 79 partners from 21 different countries, namely SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes, among which alto the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) is present. According to the grant arrangement signe on December 12th, 2018, AI4EU will receive a total funding of €20 millions over the next 3 years: total public and private investments should reach at least €20 billions by the end of 2020.


For further information, visit the official website of AI4EU.



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European Youth policies, practices and people


Youth Event


After one year from the adoption of the 20 principles contained in the European pillar of social rights, in light of the Resolution recently adopted by the Council on The European Union Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and in the midst of the debate on the next programming period 2021-2027, there is an increasing need for dialogue between institutions, local and regional authorities, associations, citizens and experts active in the field of social policies.

Following the ENSA, General Assembly 2018 about the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level held in Sweden-5,6,7/12/18, this event will offer the opportunity to address specifically some of the aspects related to youth policies, such as early school leaving, addiction, bullying, NEET, prevention of youth exclusion. The meeting will focus on the analysis of good practices and examples that address these challenges with integrated approaches and collaborative tools, through projects that have a high potential for transferability.

One of the objectives of this initiative is to enable those who deal with youth policies on a daily basis to meet, discuss and learn from each other. Thus a bottom up approach will help forming two discussions panels thanks to a call for proposals for interventions.

In addition, an interactive poster sessionwill allow promoters of (current, completed or future) projects to illustrate what has been done or planned in different fields of youth policies.

You can register here


8:30 Welcome coffee and registration

9:00 Keynote Speech – Fabienne Metayer

European Commission, Directorate-General Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Senior Expert –Team leader for Youth policy

9:20 Regional and Local Strategies and Policies for effective Youth Participation

Alfonso Lara Montero - European Social Network, Chief Executive

An Rommel - Flemish Ministry for Youth Welfare, A Way Home Project Coordinator

Simone Rasetti - Lombardy Region, General Direction for Sport and Youth, General Director

Lorenzo Rampazzo - Veneto Region Social Services, Director Minors, Youth and Social Services'Unit

Georg Horcher - German Institute of Social Economy, Chairman

Moderator: Alfonso Lara Montero

10:30 Networking poster session (coffee will be served)

Magdalena Bauhofer - La Strada – Der Weg Association, Contact person for international voluntary service

Cristina Bolzonella - Association p63 Sindrome EEC international Onlus, Vice president and Legal representative

Brian De Lord - Double Helix London, Director

Oskar Giovanelli - HANDS, Psyochologist and Psychoterapist

Stéphane Leclercq - Feantsa, Direttore & An Rommel - Flemish Ministry for Youth Welfare, A Way Home Project Coordinator

Barbara Maculan - Equality Social Cooperative, President

Lorenzo Rampazzo - Veneto Region Social Services, Director Minors, Youth and Social Services' Unit

Simone Rasetti - Lombardy Region, General Direction for Sport and Youth, General Director


11:15 Projects and Practices: Implementing Youth Inclusion

Brian De Lord - Double Helix London, Director

Barbara Maculan - Equality Social Cooperative, President

Lea Sedlmayr - Bavarian Youth Council, European Youth Policy Officer

Magdalena Bauhofer - La Strada – Der Weg Association, Contact person for international voluntary service

Moderator: Maria Baroni - DG EMPL Unit C1 Social Investment Strategy

12:15 European Youth Forum TBC

12.25 Networking (drinks will be served)

You can download the agenda here.

Loghi poster

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EURITAS EU Digital Summit 2018


Euritas, the European Association of public ICT service providers, has hosted on November 28th, 2018,  a conference on European regulations regarding eGovernment in the representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino in Brussels. The conference highlighted the challenges between policy making and technical implementation and provided a platform to discuss how to bridge the gap. Stakeholders of the public sector on European, national and regional level participated.

The European Council, Commission and Parliament have recently launched several regulations to be implemented. These regulations are General Data Protection (GDPR), electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) and the upcoming Single Digital Gateway (SDG). All member states are required to meet the demands of these regulations.

During several panels, representatives of the European Commission, CIOs from national entities and experts from public ICT service providers provided insights on the implementation status of these regulations and the challenges and lessons learned. They discussed for example how to provide cloud services in accordance with the GDPR-requirements, the specific national approaches and status of implementing the eIDAS-regulation and the options of creating a user-centric approach for the Single Digital Gateway.

EURITAS Event Foto




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H2020 BuildHeat project partners meeting

After a revitalizing feedback received from the EU officers, the H2020 BuildHeat project www.buildheat.eu activities gained new traction and energy to fulfil the technical objectives and deliver the expected impacts in terms of energy efficiency retrofitting actions.

This step was marked in Brussels at the end of the 7th project meeting, held at the Representation office of the Regions Tirol-Alto Adige-Trentino. Project partners gathered for a full-day meeting to report each other upon the status of the technical work related to district automation and control, the tests made for the multi-control inverter validation and the iBIM finalisation. Beyond the outline of the status of the particular heating and cooling solution, a special focus was given to the presentation of the progress made at the demo site as well as to the strategy set for the elaboration of business models aimed at sustaining the future uptake of the solutions developed and the financial models set up to support the retrofitting actions in each demo site.


H2020 BuildHeat Project Partner Meeting


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Family Festival, Trento 3-9 December 2018

The 7th edition of the Family Festival will take place in Trento from 3 to 9 December. This edition deals with “Quality of life and competitiveness of the territory: an international perspective”. This Festival goes beyond regional and national borders to activate debate and an exchange of best practices with other areas within a wider environment: a week of events, meetings and seminars to give voice to national and European family wellness policies. There are different activities for families and children as well; not only political meetings, technical and scientific events, but also shows and workshops for children.

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Flash News: The new European Parliament portal "What Europe does for me" has been launched


In view of the upcoming elections in May, the website "What Europe does for me" was launched yesterday in Strasbourg by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. The website, created by the EP Research Service, is a multilingual and interactive portal designed to illustrate the impact of the European Union on the lives of citizens. In the words of President Tajani this new website is a tool to "bring Europe closer to citizens".

The site navigation, divided into three main sections - "In my region", "In my life", "In focus", offers clear answers and specific information to better understand what Europe does for EU citizens, regions and territories: through articles, concrete examples and results achieved over time, the benefits and added value of the European project are illustrated, as well as the results of the current legislature and the perspectives for the future.

In the section "In my region", examples of initiatives and programs supported by the European Union are presented at the territorial level: for Trentino, among the many projects financed through the structural funds or directly managed, the TEN (Trentino Ecological Network), Global Schools, BrennerLEC, the Mechatronics and Life Franca projects are included.




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The project "Io Trentino" earned the "Regional Best Practices Award"

The "Io Trentino" project, which the Autonomous Province of Trento is working on, earned the "Regional Best Practices Award" which is promoted by the United Regions Organization - Forum of Regional Governments and Global Associations of Regions (ORU Fogar) and the United Nations - United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The delivery ceremony was held in Rabat, Morocco, on Tuesday 23 October. The candidacy was presented in May by the Province Personnel Service. With the "Io Trentino" project, after a first phase of experimentation, a digital services platform is being planned; The aim is to reach citizens more effectively and faster and thus make their relationship with the public administration easier. Currently, a territorial database and a web platform are being planned, which will allow the citizens to receive notices, opportunities and communications of interest to them on digital channels.



The 'Regional Best Practices Award', this year at its third edition, is dedicated to the five best worldwide practices carried out by regional authorities or federated states, aimed at improving the quality of services provided to citizens.

The five winning projects will be advertised as best practices through the United Nations' communication networks and channels.
ORU Fogar is an international organization that gathers regional authorities from around the world and represents their interests towards other international organizations to promote a global policy for sustainable development and territorial cohesion.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is a United Nations program that promotes sustainable development and fosters the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources in line with the UN objectives.




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