Study Visit in Brussels for a delegation of the University of Trento

The Brussels EU liaison Office of the autonomous Province of Trento organised together with the University of Trento on 4th-5th February 2016 a study visit in Brussels for a group of professors and researchers of the university.

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ERRIN Innovation and Investments Working Group meeting

The 'Junker Plan' and supporting instruments for stakeholders

On 18th January, the Brussels office of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino hosted the 'Innovation & Investment' Working Group meeting. The briefing focused on the implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe, also known as "Juncker plan", which aims at mobilizing at least 315 billion Euros of public and private investment over three years. Particular reference was made to the support tools for stakeholder, such as the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH), a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank, the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP), and other initiatives put in place by the European Commission.

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First meeting of the group “MEP Friends of EUSALP”

The first meeting of the group “MEP Friends of EUSALP” for the macro-regional EU Strategy for the Alpine Regions took place on January 13, in the premises of the Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino in Brussels.
MEP Friends of EUSALP klein
L to R: Andrea Mairate (EC), MEP Herbert Dorfmann, Richard Seeber,
MEP Karoline Graswander-Hainz, MEP Mercedes Bresso, MEP Franc Bogovic.
Initiative of the European Parliament

The macro-regional EU Strategy for the Alpine Regions (EUSALP) offers the possibility to improve the cross-border collaboration among the regions of the Alps. For this purpose, MEP Herbert Dorfmann and MEP Karoline Graswander-Hainz started this new initiative and invited to a first meeting of the group “MEP Friends of EUSALP, which took place in the premises of the Representation of the European Region Tyrol – South Tyrol – Trentino.
First meeting on January 13, 2016
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Event: 'Life and work ecosystems and local development in Europe'

is it possible to achieve a work-life balance?

Through the implementation of specific measures to reconcile work and private life, it is possible to increase the quality of life, the well-being of family, while fostering productivity at work. This and much more will be discussed during the event ''Life and work ecosystems and local development in Europe - Policies to reconcile life and work of the Autonomous Province of Trento: 10 success stories from Trentino", scheduled at the European Parliament on 27th January 2016.

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EUSALP - European Strategy for the Alpine region

eusalp logo 

The EUSALP brings together 48 regions from seven countries (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) with a total population of over 80 million. Given the unique natural and geographical conditions of this territory, the challenges of the 21st century have a particularly intense impact on the Alpine region. These include demographic development and climate change, economic globalisation, which requires the region to remain highly competitive and innovative, and the need to develop a sustainable transport policy.

The European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region offers the opportunity to overcome these particular challenges of the Alpine region by implementing and strengthening innovative initiatives in the fields of trade, industry and energy, infrastructure, transport and environmental and resource protection through macro-regional cooperation between Alpine states and regions, but also with non-state actors. EUSALP therefore offers the opportunity to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for the Alpine Space, one of the largest natural and economic living spaces in Europe, in order to jointly face the challenges of a globalised world. The comunication and the action plan on the EU strategy for the Alps were formally adopted by the European Commission on 28 July 2015 and by the European Council on 28 June 2016.

Thematically, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region focuses on three priorities: competitiveness and innovation, environmentally friendly mobility and connectivity, and sustainable management of energy, natural and cultural resources. The participating states and regions and the EU coordinate in nine thematic action groups and develop concrete projects. It also has the horizontal objective of governance.

The objectives of the strategy can be broken down as follows:

The European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino is one of the founding members of EUSALP and has been actively involved in it since its inception. The European Region leads Action Group 4 on mobility and works with other Alpine states and regions to develop sustainable transport solutions for the future of the Alpine Space. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano leads Action Group 9 on energy and Trentino is the leader of Action Group 3 on education.

In 2018 the Land of Tyrol also chaired the EUSALP, thus assuming a central role in the implementation and further development of the EUSALP. During the year of its presidency, Tyrol took important steps to further achieve the objectives of the EUSALP. The focus was on the modal shift of freight and passenger transport from road to rail, international passenger information, dual education, sustainable and balanced use of Alpine resources, natural hazard management and the energy sector.

The main theme of the Italian Presidency, assumed by the Lombardy Region in 2019, is the development of the competitiveness of the macro-region, focusing on the sectors of green economy and innovation, promoting the creation of new employment opportunities in these sectors. At the same time, priority is given to reducing the socio-economic gap between rural and urban areas, promoting a concrete alliance sealed by the collaboration for innovation and protection that generates new businesses even in the inland, mountainous and remote areas of the macro-region.

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Il Budget europeo per le PMI

In data 15 luglio 2015 si è tenuto presso il Parlamento europeo un’audizione pubblica sui programmi a supporto delle piccole e medie imprese (PMI) finanziati dall’Unione europea, promossa dalla Commissione bilanci del Parlamento. All’incontro hanno preso parte esponenti del mondo imprenditoriale, accademico e delle istituzioni europee.

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EU-presidency of Luxemburg – Multilinguism in education in the picture

In data 4 settembre 2015 si è tenuto presso l’Agenzia di collegamento Fiandre - Europa un evento sulle politiche di promozione del multilinguismo nel sistema scolastico, con un particolare focus sulle priorità delle Presidenze del Consiglio dell’Unione europea, rispettivamente, della Lettonia e del Lussemburgo in questo specifico ambito di policy.

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La promozione del multilinguismo e l’uso della metodologia CLIL

Il miglioramento delle competenze linguistiche è senza dubbio un requisito oggi quanto mai necessario per promuovere occupazione e mobilità. Le stituzioni europee sono da sempre in prima linea per favorire queste policy, le quali rimangono di competenza nazionale.

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Press Review of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen - South Tyrol

The Brussels Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen - South Tyrol publishes a weekly press review both in German and in Italian. The press review is always accompanied by the EU Update, a brief report on topics interesting for citizens and regional and local authorities.