Roundtable on eHealth

On 10th May, EUREGHA, the network of European Regional and Local Health Authorities, hosted a roundtable on eHealth. The speakers Terje Peetso, policy officer at DG Connect and Wouter de Jonghe, Business Expert Vitalink in Flanders Region, analyzed the main opportunities and barriers within the implementation of eHealth. In particular, the following issues were discussed: increase of demand on healthcare, ageing population, demographic changes and scarcity of resources.

The enhancement of eHealth does not replace traditional healthcare systems, but it provides better assistance for all patients, including the ones living in remote areas, for instance by providing electronic prescriptions or remote monitoring of blood sugar levels and heart arrhythmias.

The experiences of the Member States are really various: Estonia and Greece have weeled developed systems for ePrescriptions, Denmark has easily accessible online health information, including services to book appointments and the Netherlands are advanced in telemedicine. In Belgium, Vitalink network collects vaccination, cancer screening and medications data with a potential reach of three million citizens.

However, eHealth’s dissemination must go together with:
1. the enhance of protection of privacy and personal data stored in the web,
2. the need for tackling incorrect digital health literature.

The Commission published relevant documents in this area, including the eHealth Task Force Report, the Green Paper on Mobile Health, the Digital Single Market Strategy, the Data Protection Directive and the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 (a mid-term evaluation will take place in summer 2016).

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Commission publishes a new note in order to clarify the scope of EU State Aid rules

The Commission concludes today the initiative for State Aid Modernisation, launched in 2012, by publishing a guidance on the notion of State Aid, in order to provide legal certainty for public authorities and companies dealing with this discipline.

The notice clearly defines the cases in which public investments do not fall within the scope of EU State Aid control, because they do not distort competition in the exchanges among Member States within the Single Market and do not crowd out private investments.

The simplification of State Aid will help to maximise the effect of investments on economic growth and jobs which, in line with Juncker Plan, should amount to at least 315 billion of Euros over the next three years.

The notice summarises the case law of the EU courts and the Commission's decision-making practice. It includes also key clarifications on the following:

1. Public investment for the construction or upgrade of infrastructures is free of State Aid, if it does not directly compete with other infrastructures of the same kind. In particular, this is the case for roads, inland waterways and waste water networks. In contrast, infrastructure in fields such as energy, broadband, airports and ports is often in competition with similar infrastructures, so if one project is financed with public money, it could have an economic advantage over its rivals counting only on private funds. This financing is therefore subject to prior Commission scrutiny.

2. Even if infrastructure is built with the help of State Aid, there is no aid to its operators and users if they pay a market price (as a result of a competitive, transparent, non-discriminatory and unconditional tender).

3. EU State Aid Control focuses on public investments that have a cross-border effect. Funding provided to local infrastructures or services, which for their nature and dimensions are unlikely to attract customers from other Member States, does not fall under EU State Aid.

4. If public authorities buy goods or services through tenders, which respect EU rules on public procurement, this is in general sufficient to ensure that the transaction is free of State Aid.

The text of the Notice is available at the following link.

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Reform of the Italian Development Cooperation

At the following link you can find the full report (in Italian) of the conference on the reform of the Italian Development Cooperation (l. 125/2014), organized on May, 13th 2016 by the Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU. 

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mario Giro, the Director General for Development Cooperation Giampaolo Cantini, the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Laura Frigenti and CDP Head of Business Development Bernardo Bini Smaghi joined the event.

The new institutional architecture of Development Cooperation in Italy is composed of:

1. the political arm-Ministry of Foreing Affairs

2. the financial arm - CDP, Development Bank

3. the operational arm - Italian Agency for Development Cooperation



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EU Update "SME Innovation Associate"

Am Freitag den 13. Mai 2016, fand in der gemeinsamen Vertretung der Europaregion Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino eine Informationsveranstaltung zur SME Innovation Associate Initiative der EASME statt. Eine Initiative im Rahmen des Horizont 2020 Programmes. In der gut besuchten Veranstaltung präsentierte Alessandro Quadri di Cardano, der zuständige Mitarbeiter der EASME, das Programm und welche Ziele erreicht werden sollen. Quadri di Cardano ging dabei detailliert auf die Teilnahmekriterien für KMUs und Forschende ein und welche Schritte zur Teilnahme getätigt werden müssen. In der aktuellen Ausgabe von €uroflash(DE/IT) finden Sie eine weitere Informationen zu den Teilnahmebedingungen der Initiative.

Horizont 2020 ist ein EU Förderprogramm für Forschung und Innovation, dass von 2014-2020 laufen soll. Es verbindet die bisherigen Programme: Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Innovation und die Programme des Europäischen Instituts für Innovation und Technologie. Das Programm hat drei Schwerpunkte KOM (2011 808): Wissenschaftsexzellenz, Führende Rolle der Industrie und Gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen.
Innerhalb von Horizont 2020 besteht unter anderem das SME Associate Programm. Mit diesem Programm unterstützt die Europäische Union Klein- und Mittelunternehmen sowie Startups dabei, die besten Forschungs- und Innnovationstalente der Welt einstellen zu können. Die EU finanziert im Rahmen des Programmes, die Anwerbung von Postdoktoranden aus anderen Ländern durch KMUs und Startups.
KMUs haben oft aufgrund von mangelnden Fachkenntnissen und Wissen weniger Möglichkeiten innovativ zu sein. Gleichzeitig ist es für die Unternehmen schwierig Innovationsprozesse effektiv zu gestalten und qualifizierte Fachkräfte zu finden, da KMUs nicht über ein internationales Netzwerk Verfügung bzw. die Bekanntheit von großen Unternehmen.
An diesen Problemen setzt das SME Associate Programm an. Es ermöglicht KMUs und Startups, aus der EU und den Teilnehmerländern von Horizon 2020, den Zugang auf das Know-how von hochqualifizierten Fachkräften aus der ganzen Welt. Die Fachkräfte besitzen mindestens den akademischen Grad PhD und weisen Einschlägige Erfahrung in ihren Gebieten auf. Da das Programm ein erster Versuch auf diesem Feld darstellt, übernimmt die EU die Kosten zunächst für ein Jahr. Das heißt die SMEs erhalten eine individuelle Beihilfe die Gehalt und alle anderen Kosten, die in Verbindung mit der Fachkraft entstehen, deckt.


Hier finden Sie die Pdf-Version zum Download.

Hier finden Sie die Liste der veröffentlichten EU Update.

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Report "Economia circolare in pratica"

Il 10 maggio 2016 si è tenuta a Bruxelles una conferenza organizzata da Brussels Enviroment, l’amministrazione per l’ambiente e l’energia della regione di Bruxelles capitale, nel corso della quale attraverso l’intervento di diversi referenti ed esperti del settore dell’economia circolare, si è parlato di come sarebbe possibile cambiare i nostri modelli di produzione e di consumo, nonché le nostre abitudini per poter arrivare ad un sistema di economia circolare.
La versione completa è scaricabile qui.
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Information event H2020 SME Innovation Associate Initiative

On Friday 13th 2016, the SME Innovation Associate Initiative of EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) was presented at the common Representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino. As part of the Horizon 2020 Programme the new pilot action will support SMEs hire a researcher to bring their innovative ideas to life. Alessandro Quadri di Cardano of EASME presented the objectives and the conditions of participation for SMEs and researcher. Innovation in SMEs is often affected by a lack of access to specialised skills and knowledge. At the same time, many companies find it difficult to manage innovation processes effectively and struggle to recruit specialised knowledge as they don't tend to have extensive international Networks, the well-known brand names of large enterprises or their peripheral location. Knowledge that would be crucial to realize the innovative ideas of SMEs and that would allow opening up opportunities for innovation and growth for SMEs.


In our recent issue of €uroflash (IT/DE) you find a detailed description of the Programme and how to apply. The Application deadline for SMEs is on 30/06/2016.

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Report "Information Day zur S3 Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment"

Am 11.05.2016 fand in Brüssel der Information Day zur S3 Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment statt. Die Veranstalter, EU Kommission bzw. S3 Smart Specialisation Platform, stellten dabei die S3 Platform zur industriellen Modernisierung vor. Die S3 Platforms werden am 1.-2. Juni 2016 im Rahmen der Smart Regions Conference gestartet.

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Italy is back: Italy presented in Bruxelles the reform of Development Cooperation

The reform of the Italian Development Cooperation (law n. 125/2014) was presented today in Brussels. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mario Giro, the Director General for Development Cooperation Giampaolo Cantini, the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Laura Frigenti and CDP Head of Business Development Bernardo Bini Smaghi joined the event.

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Non-binding resolution on mountainous regions approved

On Tuesday, 10 May 2016, the European Parliament approved by 553 votes to 63 with 49 abstentions the non-binding resolution for a clear and common definition of “mountainous regions”. It is the first step in order to realize a real agenda for the development of the mountainous regions, which represent 30% of EU's territory.

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EU Update "Europatag"

Am 9. Mai wird in der EU der alljährliche Europatag der Europäischen Union gefeiert. Der Europatag erinnert an ein historisches Ereignis in der Geschichte der Europäischen Union; der Schuman-Erklärung. Am 9. Mai 1950, in einem Europa, welches sich gerade aus den Trümmern des zweiten Weltkriegs erhob, hielt der damalige französische Außenminister Robert Schuman eine Rede in Paris, in der er seine Vision von Europa vorstellte. Die politische Zusammenarbeit Europas sollte so vertieft werden, dass Kriege zwischen den Nationen Europas unmöglich sein würden.

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New call for expression of interest for the creation of strategic cluster partnership in the field of advanced manufacturing

The European Commission has launched today a call for expression of interest for the creation of strategic cluster partnership for smart specialisation investments, in order to strengthen industry participation and the European dimension in the implementation of national and regional smart specialisation strategies.

The specific objective is this call for expression of interest is to put a partnering process in place for strategic inter-regional collaboration, through which notably SMEs, together other innovation actors in clusters, can be supported in finding partners with complementary competences, accessing value chains that cut across national, regional and sectoral boundaries as well as facilitate their access to technology centres, including KETs infrastructures and digital innovation hubs. The Partnerships shall have the ultimate objective to prepare and present joint business cooperation projects for co-investments in innovation through common concrete activities, such as:

  • strategy-setting and road mapping,
  • virtual and physical matchmaking activities among partners and their SMEs,
  • demonstration and pilot projects,
  • shaping business concepts into viable and bankable proposals for investments.

This call for the expression of interest is addressed to cluster organisations, other business network organisations, technology centres and science parks from EU Member States or countries participating in the COSME programme, interested in teaming up around similar or related industrial thematic areas. The focus of this call is to encourage the partnering process in the context of industrial modernisation, such as in relation to Key Enabling Technologies, ICT, service innovation and resource efficiency. This includes advanced manufacturing, digital transformation/industry 4.0, digital platforms, big data analytics, space data services, advanced material and disruptive business models and service concepts including in creative industries, textiles and tourism.

Click here to access the fill text of the call for expression of interest

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“Beyond the text book – Oltre i libri di testo”. Primo incontro strategico tra i partner del progetto Erasmus Plus FCL REGIO

Il progetto europeo Future Classform Lab Regio, finanziato attraverso il programma Erasmus Plus e avente durata triennale, vede coinvolti in qualità di partner tre enti regionali europei all’avanguardia nell’uso di metodi didattici innovativi, informatizzati e digitali, ovvero la Provincia autonoma di Trento in Italia, la Catalogna in Spagna e il Consorzio di municipalità di Gotemburgo in Svezia, nonché Europe Schoolnet, la rete dei Ministeri dell’Istruzione europei.

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Agenda del seminario


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EU Update Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

Erasmus+ ist das neue Programm der Europäischen Union für allgemeine und berufliche Bildung, Jugend und Sport für den Zeitraum 2014-2020. Erasmus+ verbindet die Programme für lebenslanges Lernen, Jugend und Sport sowie die europäischen Kooperationsprogramme im Hochschulbereich, die bis 2014 bestanden. Erasmus+ ermöglicht es jungen Erwachsenen, im Ausland zu studieren, eine Aus- oder Weiterbildung zu absolvieren, Berufserfahrung zu sammeln oder sich in der Freiwilligenarbeit zu engagieren. Eines der Hauptziele im Rahme des Erasmus+ Programmes ist es, die Sprachkompetenzen der Teilnehmenden zu verbessern.
Da mangelnde Sprachkenntnisse die größte Hürde innerhalb des Erasmus+ Programmes darstellten, wurde der Online Linguistic Support (OLS) ins Leben gerufen.

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