Flash News - President Juncker presented the White Paper of the European Commisison on the future of Europe

The President of the Europea Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, presented yesterday at the plenary session of the Parliament the "White Paper on the future of Europe." As previously announced in the State of the Union speech 2016, the White Paper  is the Commission's contribution to the debate ahead of the European Summit to be held in Rome on March 25 on the occasion of celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

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INTEREG FINERPOL Project - Conference in Trento "Investing in energy efficiency: the Italian best practices in the use of financial instruments"

On 2 March 2017, at the Sala Grande of the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, an interregional conference will take place on "Investing in energy efficiency: the Italian best practices in the use of financial instruments". The event is organized by Aprie (Provincial Agency for Water Resources and Energy) and the Autonomous Province of Trento in the context of the FINERPOL project - Financial Instruments for Energy Renovation Policies. It will provide the opportunity to showcase and and discuss Italian best practices and concrete cases, both from the private and the public sectors,  of energy renovation of buildings realized with the use of innovative financial instruments.


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FINERPOL is a transregional cooperation project co-financed by the INTERREG EUROPE Program with the aim of promoting regional policies for the establishment of financial instruments targeting energy efficiency of and production of rennwable energy by existing buildings.

The event is organized by the Autonomous Province of Trento through APRIE and is an active partner of the project. The event will present initiatives at the local, national and European level, which contribute to an improved access to innovative financial instruments for energy efficiency.

The conference targets key stakeholders from cities, regions and industry, as well as from the financial sector to discuss experiences and opportunities and identify critical success factors for the financing of energy efficiency at the operational level.

It will be possible to follow the morning session in  streaming.

For registration and additional information please visit: www.energia.provincia.tn.it/ricerche_progetti/-progetti_europei_in_corso/pagina26.html 



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EU-TIPS: HIT Guest of the ERRIN I&I Working Group in Brussels on February 22, 2017

On February 22, 2017 the Innovation & investment Working Group (I&IWG) of the ERRIN network – of which the autonomous Province of Trento is a co-leader – met at the Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino premises. The event started at 14:30.

The purpose of the meeting was to present some of the Commission initiatives in support of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start ups. Representatives of the Commission will gave a detailed account of the Business Coaching scheme for SMEs and the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative.

The meeting also offered the opportunity to learn about the experience of Trentino in supporting start-ups and SMEs through a presentation by Luca Mion, Head of innovation at HIT-Hub Innovazione Trentino.

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Members of the Commission will then gave an update on the priorities for 2017 and for the post-2020 vision of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Finally, Eurochambres will discussed its experience on I&I in terms of SMEs internationalization. The meeting was also the opportunity to present the I&I WG work program for 2017.

The program of the event is available at this link.

Presentation MEYER

Presentation AYERBE

Presentation MION

Presentation MATTINO'

Presentation VANTYGHEM


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Flash News - The High-Level Group on Own Resources Presented its Final Report

On 16 January 2017 the High Level Group on Own Resources (HLGOR) presented the final results of its work. The group – chaired by Mario Monti – was established in 2014 with the aim to study and propose measures to make the EU budget revenue simple, transparent and fair.

The report examines the current system of own resources in depth. The Commission defined such resources as "tax revenue, permanently allocated to the EU to finance its budget, due to it by right without the need for any further decision by the national authorities".

Own resources are currently made up of customs duties, sugar levies, the tax rate levied on the harmonized base of value added tax (VAT) and the rate levy on gross national income (GNI). They represent the main EU financial instrument.

In the report the group stressed the positive aspects of the current system, such as the principle of equilibrium of the EU budget, the centrality of traditional own resources such as customs duties and the rate calculated on the basis of GNI.

However, the group has highlighted some problematic aspects, too. First of all, there has been an increasingly strong resistance from the Member States (MS) to contribute to the EU budget, thus making it urgent for the EU to ensure the development of new means of financing. Secondly, there is not a widespread perception of the added value given by the EU action, value that is added to that which is generated by the action of the individual MS. Finally, there is no unambiguous definition of what EU's own resources are. Oftentimes these resources are perceived as an extra charge for MS, rather than as resources that belong to the EU. 

In response to this situation, the HLGOR elaborated some recommendations:

- A reform of the EU budget is necessary – both on revenue and expenditure side – to address EU priorities and to help solve the challenges citizens face today.

- The EU budget needs to focus on areas bringing the highest ‘European added value’. A reform of own resources would impact the composition of revenue, not the volume of the EU budget. It should not increase the overall fiscal burden for the EU taxpayer.
- A new mix of own resources should be considered, particularly those that would help to implement EU policies. Examples are taxes that relate to the Energy Union, environment, climate and transport policies.
- Revenue other than own resources need also to be explored - for example, auctioning proceeds or other revenue stemming from EU policies (border control, digital single market).
- All correction mechanisms should be abolished.
- The coherence of the EU budget and national budgets within the European Semester should be reviewed, in order to create synergies and minimize the tax burden.
- a certain degree of differentiation should be allowed, notably for the further development of the euro area or for policies under enhanced cooperation.

The conclusions and recommendations of the Panel are not binding for the European Commission. Nonetheless, they are still very important because, along with other contributions and documents, they will form the basis for the discussion and the political negotiations on the next Multi-annual Financial Framework.

Further information on the Group's work and the complete report are available here.
A summary of the report is available here.


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Conference: The Contribution of Alpine Regions to the EU Forest Strategy: Sustainable Management and Financing Instruments

On 9 February 2017, the Representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino hosted a conference on "The Contribution of Alpine Regions to the EU Forest Strategy: Sustainable Management and Financing Instruments". The event aimed at presenting the state of implementation of the New EU Forest Strategy and the future priorities of the Commission ahead of the 2018 mid-term review of the strategy. 

The conference focused on two different aspects. First of all, a geographic and political one. Alpine forests have a positive impact on the socio-economic and environmental well-being of the whole Alpine region. It is of great importance to encourage a debate so that future European policies in the forestry sector acknowledge the unique value and the specificity of forests and of their sustainable management and use in the Alpine Region.

Secondly, a financial aspect was addressed. This was linked to the innovation of the instruments to finance investments in the forestry sector. In this context, the conference aimed to raise awareness among regions on the opportunities offered by the innovative financial instruments set up with the support of the EIB Group. Private investors have shown an increased interest in the forest sector, which falls as well within the scope of EFSI and of the Juncker Plan.


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The agenda was structured in two panels and saw the participation of representatives of the European Commission, the EUSALP Action Group 2, the EIF as well as of the administrations of Tyrol, South-Tyrol and Trentino who did a showcase their specific experience in the area of sustainable management of forests

The conference's agenda is available here.

Presentation SEOANE

Presentation GARGANI

Presentation WOLYNSKI

Presentation WALLNER

Presentation UNTERTHINER


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Flash News - New Bachelor's Degree in “Comparative, European and International Legal Studies” of the University of Trento

We are pleased to inform you that subject to approval by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Law Faculty of the University of Trento will launch a new Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative, European and International Legal Studies (CEILS) for the 2017-2018 academic year.

CEILS aims to provide high quality teaching under the supervision of leading scholars and academics. Students will be exposed to a variety of methodologies, disciplinary traditions and jurisdictions. The program covers a broad range of fields in a comparative, international and transnational legal perspective.

Students will be offered the opportunity of an international learning experience in a leading Italian Law institution.

More details on CEILS are available at: www.law.unitn.it/ceils.


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EU-TIPS: Study visit for the Engineering and Information Science Department of the University of Trento

On 6 and 7 February 2017, the EU Liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento organized a mission in Brussels for the Engineering and Information Science Department of the University of Trento. The mission's aim was to explore and raised awareness about some EU funding opportunities on the use of big data in the areas of security and civil protection. Within the mission have been carried on targeted meetings with EU officials from the Directorates General for Migration and Internal Affairs and Humanitarian aid and civil protection of the European Commission.

This initiative has allowed participants to increased awareness of the existing opportunities and to define the research paths of the University of Trento in this field.

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The European commissioner Pierre Moscovici presents his new book: "S'il est minuit en Europe"

On February 2, 2017 at 18:30 the Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino hosts the presentation of the European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici's new book 'S'il est minuit en Europe'. In this work, published in French, Pierre Moscovici anticipates the ways by which Europe could avoid being destroyed by various waves of nationalism and populism in its member countries. He warns against undermining the European project and conveys a sense of urgency in responding effectively to this challenging situation.

The event is organized by AltreItalie Association and the discussion will be moderated by Andrea Bonanni, correspondent in Brussels for the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica'.

To register for the event please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Climate-KIC Summer School 2017 – Apply now!

Registrations are now open to apply for the Climate-KIC Summer School. The program aims to address the themes of climate innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship through a unique combination of frontal lessons and hands-on business experience.

Applicants can choose between a 3-week and a 5-week program (the latter is reserved for European participants).  

The journey is free for EU participants.

Participants must be proficient in English.

Applications close on February 9, 2017.

Find out more at: https://journey.climate-kic.org/


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Planning Meeting of the Health Working Group of ERRIN

The Common Representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino hosted on Thursday, 19th January, the planning meeting of the Health working group of the European Regions Research And Innovation Network. Founded in 2001, ERRIN is a Brussels-based platform of more than 120 regional stakeholders. The organisation promotes knowledge exchange between its members in order to strengthen regional research and innovation capacities. The priorities of Horizon 2020 Health (scoping paper) have been discussed.


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Solar-Train: Eight European Research Institutions hold their Recruitment Day

On Tuesday, 17 January, the Solar-Train Recruitment Day took place at the Common Representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino in Brussels.
More than 50 candidates from Europe and outside Europe took part. 14 research fellowships had to be allocated.
Goal of Solar-Train is the development of validated models for the service life time and energy prediction of photovoltaic modules and systems, with a technical as well as an economic approach.
Solar-Train is financed by the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions, the European programme for innovative training that enhances career development. The project has been launched by Eurac Research and other seven European research institutions, where the selected candidates will work.
For more information on the Solar-Train project visit www.solar-train.eu.


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