On 18 March, the EU liaison Office in Brussels of the Autonomous Province of Trento will host a delegation of 16 local administrators in Brussels as part of a study tour organized by the Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini.

In the framework of the "Single Window" provided for by the law on Europe of 2015 and then with the aim to promote a wider participation of the Trentino territorial system in the policies and EU funding programs, the EU liaison Office in Brussels has organized a comprehensive series of meetings with representatives of the European Commission and European networks of local authorities active in Brussels on the issues of energy efficiency and sport.

The goal of the meeting is to promote information on initiatives and funding opportunities offered by the Commission in two areas of particular importance and interest to the local community, creating an opportunity for a contact and a direct exchange with the Commission officials involved in the management of its programs and initiatives.

After a presentation of the activities and services offered by the Office and a general overview of directly managed funding programs, the delegation will meet an official at EACEA, the Executive Agency of the Commission responsible for the management of the Shares under the Sport Erasmus + program, and an official from the Secretariat of the "Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy". A representative of Eurocities, the Network of European cities, will close the meeting.

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