On Wednesday the 17th October the 2017 edition of the European Transport Forum (ETF) took place.

The speakers were:
Alina Ujupan (Member of Cabinet, Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society), Dita Charanzová (Vice Chair of IMCO Committee, The European Parliament), John Frank (Vice-President EU Government Affairs, Microsoft), Niklas Gustafsson (Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group), Victoria A. Espinel (President and CEO, BSA) Vincent Kobesen (CEO and Member of the Executive Board, PTV AG).

The main topics were:
- The Digital Single Market strategy is very high on the European political agenda. Data is widely used across sectors in an increasingly connected world. The transport sector is no exception. The potential of data use is huge to maximize transport efficiency.
- The issues where discusses, about what is needed to ensure a responsible use of data and what legal frame is needed.
- How the rise of data economy can help to unlock the full potential of transport in Europe.
- The use of data in multiple sectors across the global economy is increasing, with industry and policymakers turning their thoughts to how data’s challenges and opportunities can be best harnessed to crate innovation, connectivity and prosperity for Europeans.
- The benefits and uses of data are potentially revolutionary – from cutting congestion and emissions through better coordination between drivers and transport authorities, to increasing efficiency through analyzing fuel consumption and acting data gathered.
- There are many changes and challenges at the moment in the world of transports.
- Several high-level speakers explained their ideas in what are the most important challenges and opportunities to address the potential of data base economy for the transport of Europe.
- Problems where raised concerning the data privacy. The industries would like to have more access to personal data of costumers and share the data between them.
- A topic was also the artificial intelligence and how in the future it could change our lives. Some examples where made concerning the special machine learning, a machine which can make its own decisions. For instance, in the City of London they have a machine which can analyze the traffic and is able know where people will move in the City and so the machine can plan better the target areas.

The conclusions were:
- A constant dialog, not only between the industry and the institutions but also with the citizens is crucial, concerning the main topics (like data privacy).
- The idea to create a European data warehouse, in which all the data of the costumers (the best would be an offline data base).
- There is a huge potential in data’s, also to make business with them.
- For the moment the EU will not change or add new legislation on data protection.

The entire report can be downloaded here.

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