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The lvh (Wirtschaftsverband Handwerk und Dienstleister in Südtirol / Association of handicraft service providers in South Tyrol) has recently embarked on a special journey. It went to Harvard University, where the Internet platform Open Innovation & Crowdfunding South Tyrol was presented as a regional showcase project. Harvard is one of the best-known American universities where Barack Obama or Bill Gates also studied.

Harvard Business School 150824 baker libraryThe lvh shows that the small South Tyrol can also keep up internationally. At the invitation of Harvard University in Boston and Hyve AG, the Association of South Tyrolean Craftsmen presented the platform Open Innovation & Crowdfunding South Tyrol at the American elite university. "Participation in the three-day crowd academy was a great honor and challenge for us. Compared to many American crowdfunding projects, our platform is very small. Kickstarter.com, for example, is regarded as a pioneer in American crowdfunding financing of start-ups. This platform has already been used to implement a wide variety of projects with several million support funds. Nevertheless, I believe that the regional reference in particular offers added value. Small companies in particular can make use of this financing instrument and bring new products to market," says lvh President Gert Lanz with conviction. The results of the past years show the success. 18 implemented ideas competitions, over 1,200 ideas collected, 15 crowdfunding projects and a total of over 126,000 euros collected to bring new ideas to market. Thanks to the Craut4SME project (an ERDF cofounded project), it is currently possible to advise companies free of charge on the implementation of a campaign.
At Harvard, Kathrin Pichler, member of the Innovation & New Markets department at lvh, presented details of the projects implemented to date. The lvh presented itself alongside big names such as NASA and General Electric. "The special feature of the South Tyrolean Platform is the mix of an innovation approach for small and medium-sized enterprises in a regional context. This fact has drawn Harvard's attention to us. This stay was a great opportunity for us to take along numerous new and exciting inputs, which we will in turn implement for our companies," explains Lanz.
All information about the various Open Innovation and Crowdfunding projects can be found at www.openinnovation-suedtirol.it

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