The study visit to the European Institutions of the delegation of the Young Cooperators Association of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation took place from 29 November to 1 December in Brussels. The visit is part of the activities of EU-TIPS, the collaboration platform between the Province and the stakeholders of the territory interested in getting to know and taking part in the various initiatives of the European Union. The participation of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation in EU-TIPS was formalized by the protocol of understanding signed between the Province and the Federation on 9 June.

As part of the visit, organized with the support of the EU Brussels liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the delegation met with representatives of the Commission and various European thematic networks. Among them, Alfonso Aliberti of the European Youth Forum presented the lobbying and advocacy activities of the network in favor of youth organizations, focusing on the opportunities offered by the programs Erasmus+ and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs. Louis Cousin, of Cooperatives Europe, illustrated several initiatives aimed at promoting the cooperative entrepreneurial model at European level, finally focusing on the launch of the European Young Cooperators Network.


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As far as European policies are concerned, the group met Elena Panichi of the European Commission, DG AGRI who, in light of the recent approval of the new European regulation, spoke about organic crops and their labeling and certification. Always remaining in the agricultural sector, Kahtrin Rudolf, DG AGRI, focused on the Common Agricultural Policy and measures to support rural development, underlining the challenges that this policy must face: from the sustainability of production, to globalization, from the diversity of markets, the need to focus on modern agriculture based on research and innovation.
The meeting with representatives of the Confcooperative Office- Trentino Federation of Cooperation concluded the intense program of visits in Brussels.



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