On Tuesday 19 September it was held the third meeting of the 'midday conferences' cycle, organised by the EU Liaison Office of the autonomous Province of Trento together with the Committee of the Italian National Seconded Experts by the European Institutions (CLENAD Italia). This partnership, which started in the beginning of 2017, is aimed to raise awareness and deepen understanding on EU-relevant topics of interest for the administration.

The speakers of the current workshop were Alessandro Di Sipio, Italian Seconded Expert by DG TAXUD of the European Commission, and Anita Varotto, communication and training expert by the Centre of Excellence PM², who introduced PM², the project management methodology developed and supported by the European Commission. PM² allows project teams to efficiently and efficaciously manage projects. While it was initially developed as an working tool for the European institutions, ini November 2016 PM² methodology has been open to all interested stakeholders. To support its adoption by other entities, the Commission has created a web portal where to find PM² guidelines and tools. Moreover, the Centre of Excellence PM² (CoEPM²) is available to support other stakeholders in the customisation and implementation of the methodology.

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PM² is based on existing project management methodology (such as Prince2 and Agile) and it is diveded in 4 main pahses: initiating, planning, executing, closing. For each phase it is specified a set of inputs and outputs and there is a clear role definition for all involved actors. PM² suggest a weel-defined governance structure and a broad range of processes and artefacts that support the implementation of project activities. On top of that there are some mindsets that should inspire practitioners and to apply the methodology in an efficient way.

Finally, the Commission is organising event ‘Open PM² Conference 2018’, which will be held in Brussels on 1-2 February 2018. Member of the European institutions, national and local authorities and other stakeholders are invited to participate. On the second day it will be organised a training session on PM² methodology.

Click here to download the slides of the workshop (in italian)

Click here to download the Guidebook ‘PM² Open Edition’

Click here to access the web portal ‘Open PM² Wiki’

Click here to access the Open PM² Community’