Transport was one of the first areas in which a common European policy was developed. Mobility is an essential factor for the free movement of people, services and goods. The transport policy of the European Union has aimed to overcome the barriers of movement between Member States and to create a Single European Transport Area by developing different mobility forms (road, rail, air, maritime traffic). This policy has contributed and continues to contribute to prosperity and employment in Europe.

The research on efficient transport modes, which focuses especially on the effective use of resources and the preservation of the environment, plays a fundamental role. the technological progress is the foundation for the creation of a sustainable mobility system. The EU supports environmentally friendly means of transportation, integrated transport networks, the creation of a market system of environmental taxes and charges for the private sector and lastly, the transfer of goods and passengers with transport forms, which are more environmentally friendly, such as the railway.

Infrastructure TEN-T

In January 2014, the European Union launched a new infrastructure policy, which aimed at developing suitable infrastructures in order to create a safe and coherent Transeuropean Transport Network, thus promoting growth and competitiveness in Europe. By connecting the East and West, and the North and South of the continent, a European-wide network will be created. The aim is to eliminate barriers, to modernize infrastructures and to simplify cross-border traffic operations of both passengers and commercial operators. The realisation of the project will be achieved with nine main transport corridors, which include both the North-South axis and the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor. A collaboration between member states is envisaged, as is the participation of involved private actors. The agenda of the eleven TEN-T coordinators, which was approved in June 2015, sets guidelines until the end of 2030.

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